BAS Lodgement Computer

BAS Lodgement

A Business Activity Statement, or BAS, enables your business to report on GST and PAYG at regular intervals throughout the year. If your business is registered for GST, you’ll need to lodge a BAS either on a monthly or quarterly basis. At Stone Consulting, we take the stress out of your BAS, GST and PAYG activities by supporting you every step of the way.

Our Brisbane BAS Services

BAS Lodgement

Our Registered BAS Agents have met the Tax Practitioner Board’s standards and have the required hours of experience, the designated training and the appropriate insurance to support you through your BAS lodgement

BAS Lodgement Folders
BAS Lodgement Agent

BAS, GST and Payroll Compliance

Our clients have access to our Registered BAS Agents and experienced senior consultants who can answer questions and provide support throughout BAS, GST and payroll activities, ensuring compliance at every step.

Why Engage Our Brisbane BAS Services?

Contact us to talk about how we can support your BAS, GST and PAYG activities.


We have registered and experienced BAS Agents to support you through the process


Engaging our services comes with the added benefit of our internal Quality Assurance processes and competitive pricing.


Based southeast of Brisbane in Cleveland, Redland City, we provide BAS services Australia wide.