Bookkeeping Health Check Analysing Reports

Bookkeeping Health Check

Presenting your accountant with a clean data file can save you time and money. A File Check is a cost-effective way to ensure your financial data was entered correctly and your files are ready for processing.

What Does A Bookkeeping Health Check Involve?

Our File Check service follows a 25-point checklist to ensure your data file is correct and free of errors.

Before each BAS lodgement or before you give your Xero, MYOB, Cashflow Manager, QuickBooks or other accounting software data files to your accountant or Bas Agent to process, put them through a Stone Consulting Bookkeeping Health Checkup.

Discussing a Bookkeeping Health Check

Why Utilise Our File Check Service?

Contact us to book your files in for a Bookkeeping Health Check.


We can save you time and money by checking your files before they go to your accountant


Based southeast of Brisbane in Cleveland, Redland City, we provide bookkeeping health checks Australia wide


This is one of our most popular services as it’s such an easy way to save money


We know what to look for and follow a 25-point checklist to ensure the file is clean