Benefits Of Moving To Xero Accounting

Benefits Of Moving To Xero

With years of experience using a wide variety of accounting software packages, we know good accounting software when we use it! Xero is the global leader in online accounting, designed for small business owners. Keep your business finances under control and up to date with Stone Consulting and Xero as your partners.

The Benefits Of Moving To Xero Accounting Software

Xero accounting software is not only easy to use, it’s also easy to set up and our clients love it!

Whether you’re switching from another cloud based accounting software package, or just starting out with your bookkeeping in the cloud, Xero makes sense for your business. Input your data, create invoices and keep an eye on your business financial information wherever you are. These are just some of the reasons to make the move to Xero, read on to find out more.

Bank Account Connection & Automation

Your bank account connects directly to your cloud accounting, saving you time and money. The transactions feed in automatically and match up with income and expense categories. You can even connect your credit card account to feed automatically.

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Bank Account Reconciliation

No more manual bank reconciliation, with Xero you can easily reconcile several invoices against a payment and even transfer funds between accounts. Xero attempts to match all of your incoming payments to your invoices and will suggest a match, based upon rules that you’ve set.

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Did you know that you can use Xero to generate a professional looking quote ready to send to your customers? Track your quotes and convert them to invoices in a matter of seconds. You can copy previous quotes using Xero mobile and add hidden notes to quotes so that you can refer to them later.

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Get paid faster with professional looking invoices using Xero. You also have the option to be paid online to help your business cash flow. Copy previous invoices to make your invoicing even speedier and enter discounts and notes easily. Stay on top of your invoicing with Xero.

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Purchase Orders

Save time entering data and managing your supply chain with Xero. Copy purchase orders to sales invoices easily and keep control of your costs. You can customise the appearance of your purchase orders using Xero supplied branding themes.

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Paying Suppliers

It’s never been easier to keep track of your bill payments! With Xero you can pay your bills in batches and even set up repeating payments. There is no better way to simplify your accounts payable and track your bill payments.

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Expense Management

Keeping track of employee expenses used to be incredibly difficult with a long paper trail of forms and receipts. Expenses are now easy to track and delivered on time. Employees can submit expenses after capturing their receipts using their mobile phone. Bring your employee expenses online and save your business both time and money.

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Managing Projects

Xero Projects provides a streamlined way to manage project times and costs. Create and manage as many projects as you need and turned logged time and costs into invoices within seconds. Using Xero projects you can stay on track monitoring the cost of jobs in real time.

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Single Touch Payroll

Xero online payroll connects to your bookkeeping, providing excellent tools to track employee leave and payments. The Single Touch Payroll feature connects to the ATO, allowing you to file your pay run within minutes. This new feature is easy to set up too.

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Would you like us to crunch the numbers and determine whether moving to Xero is a great idea for your business? Let’s find out!