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Business Advisory & Consulting Services

When you need the knowledge and experience of a trusted advisor to move your business forward or change direction, Stone Consulting’s experts provide professional advice and guidance. Our consultants work with you every step of the way to ensure a strong future for your business.

Business Advisory Services

Business Planning

Business planning is the key to success and is a critical ongoing process. However, revising and updating a business plan is a task that is often neglected. When it comes to reviewing your business plan, we ensure you are adapting to industry trends and are on the right track towards achieving objectives.

Business Advisory & Consulting Services Planning
Business Advisory & Consulting Services Analysing

Profit Improvement

Our advisors provide valuable input into the analysis of data and financial information to determine where profits are being affected. We ensure your business reaches maximum profitability without having to drastically cut costs and compromise long-term effectiveness.

Strategic Funding

Funding is essential for any business to survive. However, without a business strategy , there is a risk of drowning in debt. It’s important that the most suitable funding for your specific business is sought. Our team works with business bankers to obtain working capital facilities and equipment finance, ensuring your business funding is set up correctly and efficiently.

Succession and Exit Planning

We provide succession and exit planning to ensure a smooth transition between replacing existing business leaders, facilitating a business sale and handover activities. To support the transition, it is essential that all financial data is accurate and presented in a pragmatic and professional way.

Business Advisory & Consulting Services Partners
Business Advisory & Consulting Services Balance Sheet

Tenders & Quotes

Tenders and quotes can often be long documents requiring specific formats and can be time consuming to prepare

We support your business with preparing and submitting tenders and quotes, on time and to brief, to help secure you more business.

Why Engage Our Brisbane Advisory & Consulting Services?

Contact us to discuss our business advisory and consulting services and how we can support your business when you need it most.


We work directly with business owners to ensure a strong future for your business


Through planning and assessment, we reduce risk and improve profitability


We seamlessly support your business development through change management


Based southeast of Brisbane in Cleveland, Redland City, we provide advisory services Australia wide.


Our experienced business advisers provide experienced and trusted advice to support your business objectives